Welcome to Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science

Cornwall School of Maths and Science; part of the VI Form Academy – the best place in Cornwall to study Maths and Science Post-16.

Students study a Maths lesson in a classroom at Cornwall School of Maths and Science

Welcome to Cornwall School of Maths and Science

We are delighted to announce the launch of Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science. This VI Form provision provides excellent specialist teaching and enrichment for the most ambitious students in Cornwall, preparing them for the most competitive courses at the best universities in the UK.

Why choose CSMS for your STEM A-Levels?

CSMS is a part of the VI Form Academy which is the top state-funded Post-16 STEM provider in Cornwall (Future Finders Stem Schools ).

Strong links with academia and industry partners allow us to tailor our programme to the maximum benefit of our students. We have excellent links with Downing College, at the University of Cambridge and Exeter College at the University of Oxford. Through the University of Exeter, we run a ‘Future Medics’ Mentoring Programme for our future Doctors. We are the only school in the UK to have been awarded ‘Partner School’ status by the Royal Veterinary College, London; quite simply, if you want to become a Vet, there is no better place to study in the South West. We are a Partner School of the Institute for Research in Schools; through this organisation, our students have carried out University-level research in the UK and overseas.

Two students in a science lab dissect a fish at the Royal Vet College Summer School

Background to CSMS

Cornwall School of Maths and Science is situated on the Nexus Campus in Trevu Road, Camborne. CSMS is located in the former Camborne Girls’ Grammar School building. It is part of the VI Form Academy, the VI Form of Camborne Science and International Academy which is one of the most consistently high-performing state schools in Cornwall.

Gifted VI Form students have been part of the Nexus VI Programme since September 2016, when the Nexus Campus was first opened. We recently  renovated the iconic Grammar School building and restored it to its former glory.  The popularity and expansion of the Nexus VI Programme have led us to relocate to the renovated building, which is now Cornwall School of Maths and Science. It is from this building that we offer exceptional Maths and Science provision at A-Level and an unparalleled enrichment programme for students aiming for the top universities.

Here I am talking about the Nexus VI Programme, which is expanding from September and is now known as Cornwall Maths and Science School.

Maths and Science Outreach

Because we believe that all the children in Cornwall deserve access to a brilliant STEM education, we also provide an extensive Outreach Programme for both Primary pupils and students in Years 7-11 through the Scholars’ Community. This Community of able children with a passion for Science or Maths is open to students who study at any school in Cornwall. An extensive programme of exciting Maths and Science events run both after school and at the weekends.

We’re excited about this new venture and the opportunities it provides for our young people, and we look forward to continuing to serve the young people of Cornwall.

Picture of Dr. Jo Foster, Director of Cornwall School of Maths and ScienceDr. Jo Foster

Director, CSMS and Nexus.

Vice Principal, Camborne Science and International Academy.

Maths Enhancement Seminars for GCSE

Hoping for a top Grade for Maths GCSE?

Do you want a top grade in your Maths GCSE? Our Maths Enhancement Seminars are for students from any school in Cornwall who want to boost their chances of achieving an 8 or 9 in their upcoming GCSE examinations.

How might these Seminars help me?

Specific skills are required to hit the very top grades in Maths GCSE. These Seminars focus exclusively on these skills, making sure you are confident in your ability to tackle even the most challenging questions on the GCSE Maths exam paper.

A student takes part in a maths GCSE class

Who teaches the Maths GCSE Enhancement Seminars?

Our specialist teachers are perfectly placed to help you improve your chances of a Grade 8 or 9. Head of Maths Mr. Barry Jones and Lead teacher for Maths at Nexus Mr. Gareth Rees will share their expertise and help you to improve the skills needed to hit these top grades. It’s not easy to get a Grade 9 in GCSE, but the students at CSIA achieved significantly above the National average for students hitting the new Grade ‘9’ last year, with twice as many students achieving a Grade ‘9’ compared to National results.

How do I book onto one of the Maths GCSE Seminars?

These seminars are free but spaces are limited. Spaces are available for students from any school in Cornwall. To make it easy for students from other schools to attend, the Seminars take place in the evenings, from 5.30pm – 7pm at CSMS.

The next GCSE Maths Enhancement Seminar is on Wednesday 28th March at 5.30pm.

To book a place on the next Maths Enhancement Seminar, email reception@csms.co.uk



Years 7-11 Science and Maths Scholars’ Community

Cornwall as a crucible for innovation

Cornwall has a rich history of Scientists and Mathematicians who have driven forward our understanding. From Richard Trevithick to Humphry Davy, Cornwall has been a place where innovation and invention have been important drivers for development and prosperity. The same is true today.

Nurturing young talent

Cornwall’s young talent is now being nurtured through the Scholars’ Community; a growing group of young Scientists and Mathematicians who meet together for lectures, workshops and seminars to further their knowledge and understanding and to meet new friends.

Our programme varies throughout the year but opportunities include:

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Future Medics Workshops:


Workshops and seminars targeted at students in Years 7-9 who are interested in studying Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science. Led by Exeter University Medical School.
Academic Lecture Series


Lectures, delivered by academics and researchers from Universities all over the country. These lectures cover A-Level content and beyond, but are also designed to be accessible to younger, able students.

Visit this link for the latest details about upcoming lectures:


Maths Enrichment programme

(Years 10 and 11 only)


Seminars, delivered by our Lead Teacher for maths and our Head of Maths, which target students aiming for 9’s at GCSE Maths.
CSMS ‘Escape Rooms’ There’s a prankster at work at CSMS who has laid a chemical trap that will spring in an hour. Find your way through layers of fiendish Science and Maths puzzles and see if you can ‘beat the clock’.
CSMS Christmas Lecture An hour of exciting bangs and flashes

Membership of the Scholars’ Community is available to any child in Cornwall from Years 7-11. You can download the Programme of Events and the Application Form below.


Application and Consent Form – Scholars’ Community

If you are in Year 7-11,  or you are a parent or carer and your son or daughter is interested in joining the Scholars’ Community at CSMS, please send a completed Application form to: reception@csms.co.uk.

What’s different about CSMS?

Cornwall School of Maths and Science

Cornwall School of Maths and Science (CSMS) is a part of the VI Form Academy at Camborne Science and International Academy, which is the top state-funded Post-16 STEM provider in Cornwall (Future Finders Stem Schools).

At CSMS we believe in a traditional approach to teaching and learning. Brilliant specialist teachers and attentive, ambitious learners come together to achieve exceptional results.

But we also believe in the modern, the cutting edge and the innovative.

At CSMS, visiting academics provide an intensive programme of lectures and seminars showcasing their current research and stretching and challenging CSMS students to think way beyond the curriculum. These experiences inspire and prepare the students for life at University, and provide a unique opportunity for incisive and creative thought.

But the enrichment at CSMS goes way beyond the lecture and mentoring programme. Students are individually mentored to ensure they engage with every opportunity to build and develop their experiences beyond the curriculum in their area of interest. From support to apply for a Nuffield Placement to practice for Cambridge interviews; CSMS staff are there for you every step of the way.

What the students say:

“The programme has allowed me to explore many opportunities that I never considered would be available to me at this stage. The Oxbridge-style mentoring in particular has been very beneficial; I am able to link the knowledge from my A-Level studies to current scientific research and to develop my own ideas alongside an academic in my field of interest”.

Jodie, Y13

“I’ve been provided with an incredible range of opportunities that have been personally tailored towards my aspiration to study Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. One of the highlights of this year was the one-to-one tutorial with Professor Imre Leader, a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. I was stretched way above the Maths and Further Maths A-level curriculum and encouraged to think independently about the subject; brilliant preparation for my Cambridge interview.”

Mia, Y13