CSMS Lecture Series

Visiting academics from universities around the country come to CSMS to provide an ongoing programme of lectures and seminars showcasing their current research, as well as stretching and challenging CSMS students to think way beyond the curriculum. These experiences inspire and prepare our students for life at university.

Our CSMS lecture series is open to all CSMS and CSIA Sixth-Form students. If external students would like to attend please email reception@csms.co.uk.

Upcoming lectures:

Thursday 8th February

Molly Kressler
University of Exeter

Shark Space Use and environmental DNA

Thursday 29th February

Dr Katie Shanks
Exeter University

Butterflies, Sunshine and Engineering: Using optics inspired by nature to design advanced solar panels

Thursday 14th March

Dr Elze Hesse
Exeter University

Living soils – the role of microbes in soil health (Rearranged from November)


Thursday 21st March

Ben Wheeler
University of Exeter

Understanding how the environment impacts on human health


Some of our previous talks

“Mathematical Modelling of Wound Repair"

Professor Jonathon Sherratt

Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

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“Viewing data through a distance lens: the historical and modern applications of spatial statistics”

Monday 24th February

Dr Evangelos Evangelou

Lecturer in Statistics – University of Bath

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“Where has our beach gone? How giant waves and extreme storms impact our coast.”

Monday 14th October

Professor Paul Russell

Professor of Coastal Dynamics – University of Plymouth

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“It’s 2020. Where is my flying car? Where is my automated mine?”

Monday 13th January

Dr Declan Vogt

Lecturer in Robotic and Automated Mining – University of Exeter

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“Tumour Hypoxia And Cancer Treatment”

Monday 9th December

Professor Momna Hejmadi

Faculty of Science Associate Dean – University of Bath

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“Antarctica: the front line in climate change.”

Monday 2nd December

Professor James Scourse

Professor of Physical Geography – University of Exeter

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“Observing the Physics of Star and Planet Formation with ALMA”

Monday 24th June

Professor John Richer

Professor in Astrophysics – University of Cambridge

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“Conservation science on tropical islands”

Monday 17th June

Dr Christopher Kaiser-Bunbury

Senior Lecturer in Ecology & Conservation – University of Exeter

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“Scientific Adventures in the Antarctic”

Monday 10th June

Dr Katy Sheen

Lecturer in Physical Geography – University of Exeter

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“Life in a Multinational”

Monday 3rd June

Eoin Seager Enterprise Advisor for KPMG

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“The Science of Art”

Monday 29th April

Lt Cdr Steven Fuller

RNAS Culdrose

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“Choices and Algorithms: Moral Dilemmas from Video Games to Autonomous Robots”

Monday 1st April

Dr Joan Casas Roma

Research Fellow Falmouth University

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“Lost Lakes and Fast Ice: exploring the dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet”

Monday 25th March

Tom Chudley

Scott Polar Research Institute University of Cambridge

“One hundred years of Cambridge English”

Monday 18th March

Dr Ewan Jones

Downing College, University of Cambridge

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“How seashells help us study past marine climate”

Monday 11th March

Dr Stella Alexandroff

Research Fellow, University of Exeter

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“Unintelligent Design: understanding the complexities of life”

Monday 4th March

Dr Sasha Dall

Associate Professor of Mathematical Ecology, University of Exeter

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“From Corals to Malaria – Biochemistry in Action”

Monday 25th February

Dr Ellen Nisbet

Fellow in Biochemistry, Downing College – University of Cambridge

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“Police Forensics”

Monday 11th February

Paul Rogers

Crime Scene Manager, Devon and Cornwall Police

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“Plastic Pollution”

Monday 4th February

Andy Cummins

Former Campaigns Director for Surfers Against Sewage

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“Seal Squad”

Monday 28th January

Sue Sayer

Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust

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“EPQ Project Presentations”

Monday 21st January

CSMS and VI Form Academy students

This talk is only available to CSIA and CSMS students.

“Mining for a greener future”

Monday 14th January

Dr Holly Elliott

Research Fellow, University of Exeter

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“Disaster Relief around the World”

Monday 10th December

Tom Henderson

Expert in humanitarian aid and disaster relief

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“Exploring Cornish Marine Mammals Adaptations”

Monday 26th November

Jade Aldridge

Teacher of Science, CSIA

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“The Science of Earthquakes”

Tuesday 27th November

Professor Iain Stewart

Professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth

Geothermal Engineering Limited, Raspberry Shake Project

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“Rock, Rattle & Slide – Why Mathematics is Important for Engineering”

Monday 19th November

Professor Alan Champneys

Professor of Applied Non-Linear Mathematics – University of Bristol

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“How To Build A Language”

Monday 12th November

Professor Ian Roberts

Professor of Linguistics – University of Cambridge

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“Introduction to Oxbridge”

Monday 12th November

Jess Lister

Downing College Outreach Officer – University of Cambridge

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“All things bright and beautiful: the physics and biology of brilliant colour appearance”

Monday 8th October

Professor Pete Vukusic

Professor of BioPhotonics & Associate Dean for Education – University of Exeter

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“The Ethics and Laws of Medicine”

Monday 1st October

Dr Richenda Tisdale

Medico-Legal Advisor – Medical Protection Society

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“STEM Careers Speed Dating”

Monday 17th September

Cornwall Council and Nexus

An opportunity to meet a number of local STEM employers and hear about how they use Science, Maths and Technology in their business.

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