On Friday 23rd April, while most students were busy working away in their lessons, an elite team of CSMS mathematicians from Year 12 and Year 13 were working through a number of demanding maths problems. The Náboj International Maths competition is a gruelling test of mathematical ability – with teams from the best maths schools around the world competing against the clock and each other. The CSMS team were exceptional, coming 3rd in the UK and finishing in the top 20% of all schools globally

Henry, who holds an offer to study Maths at Oxford University next year said: “The questions were tough, and working against the clock was a real challenge but I had great fun and I am so glad we took part.”

Tabs, who is holding an offer to studying Maths at Cambridge University next year said: “It was a fun competition, although some of the questions were really tough. They really made us think!”

Example question:

  1. A number is called super-even if all of its digits are even. How many five-digit super-even numbers are there such that when added to 24680 the result is also super-even?