Studying Science and Maths A Levels in Cornwall? We believe you cannot choose a better place to study than Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science. Here is some more information on the courses on offer.

Remember, as we are part of the VI Form Academy you also have access to a wide range of A Levels and other qualifications which can compliment your studies at CSMS. For the full list of available subjects you can take, check out The VI Form Academy website.

Mathematics and Further Maths

At CSMS Maths is one of the most popular subjects to choose as an A Level.

Our results are exceptional: 100% of students achieved A*-B in Further Maths A-Level, and 93% of students achieved A*-B in Maths A-Level in 2018.

The qualifications we offer are:
• A level Mathematics – this includes work on the core ideas of algebra, trigonometry and calculus as well as mechanics and statistics.
• A level Further Mathematics – this includes work on the core ideas of matrices and complex numbers as well as the study of decision mathematics and further mechanics or statistics.

A-Level Computer Science

This modern qualification gives an insight into a range of computing systems, including an understanding of the principles of programming and the solving of problems. The course will prepare students for university courses in computing/computer science, or for work in the ICT industry. Many researchers in top universities benefit from advanced coding skills.

A Level Biology

Biology at CSMS gives students the opportunity to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the interconnectedness of life, bringing together ideas from different areas of Biology to explore big ideas. We nurture our students’ natural interest in the world around them and support them to develop the skills needed to succeed in further study and careers in associated fields. Students also gain an awareness of the ethical, technological and economic aspects of Biology.

The course prepares students who wish to progress into higher education to follow courses in varied areas of Biology and related subjects such as Veterinary sciences, Oceanography, Biochemistry, Biomedical sciences and all medicine related fields.

A Level Chemistry

Chemistry is the study of substances and how they interact. It touches every single part of our lives. Chemistry holds the key to solving the biggest challenges currently facing humanity, such as global warming, human health and energy. Chemists have already given the world such vital and diverse discoveries as penicillin and lithium ion batteries, and will continue to work at the forefront of human development.

A Level Chemistry is an exciting and varied course, covering all three of the main strands in chemical science, namely Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Over the two-year course, students will gain accreditation in practical skills, as well as developing a deep and quantitative knowledge of one of the most wide-reaching subjects.

A Level Physics

Physics is a fascinating A Level, often seen as the most fundamental of the natural sciences. The topics range from the study of the sub-atomic particles of the quantum world to the massive stars in the universe. Principally, the course researches the interaction of matter and energy, and predicting how they control the world we live in.

Studying Physics A Level gives students the knowledge and understanding to begin seeing and interpreting the daily influence of complex forces and phenomena and would complement other studies in the fields of science and medicine, along with demonstrating a breadth of interest and ability to succeed in the most demanding higher education courses or careers.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

All CSMS students undertake the Extended Project Qualification in Year 12.

The EPQ is a standalone qualification designed to extend and develop skills in independent research and project management. It is a well-recognised and highly regarded qualification by universities. It is self-directed and requires students to take responsibility for the choice, design, planning and completion of an individual project. The skills acquired in the EPQ are unrivalled when it comes to preparation for higher education.

The Extended Project gives students the chance to study an area of interest in great depth and is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate passions and interests into studies. Many CSMS students choose to carry out original scientific research, producing academic papers and even having the opportunity to have them published in peer reviewed journals.