A level Biology

Biology at CSMS gives students the opportunity to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the interconnectedness of life, bringing together ideas from different areas of Biology to explore big ideas. 

Our results are exceptional:





A very extensive subject with a large and broad specification, which will allow students to cover content from how the body handles infections, to how genes and genomes control phenotypic characteristics. At CSMS the content extended beyond the specification.

Students will be introduced to contextualised concepts for each topic. They will be able to appreciate how the Science applies to real world applications and more importantly the current research being carried out within those specific areas.

I have received wonderful support in applying for my place at university. The atmosphere at CSMS is brilliant and I have really enjoyed the international and academic opportunities.


Molly C – Studying Dentistry at Cardiff University

Achieved 4 A*s in Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths.

I really loved the support from teachers and meeting new friends. The smaller classes are great, rather than at a big college.


Megan C – Studying Medicine at University of Exeter

Achieved Biology (A*), Chemistry (A), Maths (B) and an EPQ (A*)

The practical’s embedded throughout the curriculum allow students to understand how the content they are covering can be tested to produce valid results.

A large part of the curriculum will build on Mathematical skills linked to the content and being part of CSMS will mean students are expected to be proactive in practicing statistical tests, and key math skills to Biology concepts.

Students will need to be independent and manage their time to ensure they are able to complete examination questions and past paper questions in addition to the homework they will be given.

All students will be invited to participate within the UK Biology Olympiad competition and students are expected to prepare for these to give them the best chance at being successful.

Whilst Biology is an extremely challenging subject, It is by far one of the most rewarding and one which see’s the largest cohort of students apply to do each year.

    Course outline

    • Unit 1 Development of Practical Skills in Biology

    • Unit 2 Foundations in Biology

    • Unit 3 Exchange and Transport

    • Unit 4 Biodiversity, Evolution and disease

    • Unit 5 Communication, Homeostasis and Energy

    • Unit 6 Genetics, Evolution and Ecosystem

    The lessons will vary in how the content is delivered and some examples of this are below:

    • Students will have the opportunity to carry out their own research to develop a comprehensive understanding of a topic.
    • Students will be able to work together in groups to prepare, resource and facilitate presentations to the rest of the class.
    • Teacher led/ lecture style presentations on complex scientific ideas.


      A Level biology prepares students who wish to progress into further or higher education, to follow courses in varied areas of Biology (e.g. Human/Marine/Animal/Micro/Plant), and related subjects such as Veterinary sciences Oceanography, Biochemistry, Biomedical sciences and all Medicine related fields.