Chemistry is the study of substances and how they interact. It touches every single part of our lives. Chemistry holds the key to solving the biggest challenges currently facing humanity, such as global warming, human health and energy. Chemists have already given the world such vital and diverse discoveries as penicillin and lithium ion batteries, and will continue to work at the forefront of human development.

A Level Chemistry is an exciting and varied course, covering all three of the main strands in chemical science, namely Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. Over the two-year course, students will gain accreditation in practical skills, as well as developing a deep and quantitative knowledge of one of the most wide-reaching subjects.

Our results are exceptional:





Through CSMS, I took part in many extracurricular activities including a collaborative research project with NJC, Singapore, and a Nuffield Research Placement. Having these unique experiences not only helped me greatly with my personal statement, but has also been very beneficial to my CV in securing committee roles and a placement job at university.


Jodie G-S – studying Chemical Engineering at University of Bath

Achieved Biology (A*) Chemistry (A), Maths (A), EPQ (A*)





Run over two years, this course is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop essential knowledge and understanding of the 3 key areas of chemistry (organic, inorganic and physical) and how they relate to each other.

We will help students to build competence and confidence in a variety of practical, mathematical and problem solving skills, whilst supporting their interest and enthusiasm for the subject. We will encourage an interest in further study and careers in associated fields.

It is our intention that students also gain an awareness of the ethical, technological and economic aspects of the subject.

course outline

  • Unit 1 Development of Practical Skills in Chemistry
  • Unit 2 Foundations in Chemistry
  • Unit 3 Periodic Table and Energy
  • Unit 4 Core organic Chemistry
  • Unit 5 Physical Chemistry and Transition Elements
  • Unit 6 Organic Chemistry and Analysis


The course prepares students who wish to progress into further or higher education, to follow courses in varied areas of Chemistry (e.g. Metallurgy/Pharmacology/Biochemistry), and related subjects such as Veterinary sciences, Biomedical sciences and all Medicine related fields.