Physics is a fascinating A Level, often seen as the most fundamental of the natural sciences. The topics range from the study of the sub-atomic particles of the quantum world to the massive stars in the universe. Principally, the course researches the interaction of matter and energy, and predicting how they control the world we live in.

Studying Physics A Level gives students the knowledge and understanding to begin seeing and interpreting the daily influence of complex forces and phenomena and would complement other studies in the fields of science and medicine, along with demonstrating a breadth of interest and ability to succeed in the most demanding higher education courses or careers.

Our results are exceptional:





Through CSMS, I took part in many extracurricular activities, including a collaborative research project with NJC, Singapore and a Nuffield Research Placement. Having these unique experiences helped me greatly with my personal statement, but has also been very beneficial to my CV in securing committee roles and a placement job at university. 


Jodie G-S studying Chemical Engineering at University of Bath

Achieved Biology (A*), Chemistry (A), Maths (A), EPQ (A*)





Links are frequently made to more advanced mathematics than the course requires and students are encouraged to research beyond the A Level specification. Lessons are rigorous and students are expected to be precise in their use of physics concepts and terminology. We expect students to explore various alternative approaches to solve problems and to search for elegant proofs of the mathematical frameworks that we use.

Physics is fundamentally an experimental subject, and as a result practical work in class will often lend itself to hands-on solution driven and lateral thinking approaches that facilitate successful investigative work which generates accurate data.

Course units

The specification covers a wide range of material from across the physics discipline, including:
–          Particle physics
–          Quantum physics
–          Statics, dynamics and kinematics
–          Materials Science
–          Electricity
–          Thermal physics
–          Classical field theory

Top A Level physics students will not just have a deep and thorough understanding of each of these areas, but will also be able to make synoptic links between various concepts and to make abstract leaps of reasoning. For this reason, we also study an optional unit called Turning Points. This unit brings together many ideas from the topics above and introduces Einstein’s special theory of relativity to account for unexpected experimental results.

CSMS Physics students are all entered for the British Physics Olympiad and Senior Physics Challenge in years 13 and 12 respectively. Alongside this, students are encouraged to complete on line learning courses and utilised websites like Isaac Physics in order to challenge and extend themselves outside of the lesson.



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