International Opportunities at CSMS

We give our students the very best chance to experience STEM as a global, collaborative field. Our school has a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding International Programme, offering unique opportunities for students to engage and collaborate with other top schools on the international stage.

We have worked with a large number of top Science and Maths schools worldwide for several years. These schools have included: Australian Science and Mathematics School, Ritsumeikan School in Japan, National Junior College Singapore, John Monash Science School in Australia, Korea Science Academy of KAIST, National University of Singapore Maths and Science School, the National Junior College (NJC) in Singapore and many others.

We are particularly proud of our close relationship with the NJC. Every year CSMS students have the opportunity to work alongside NJC students during exchange visits to Singapore and the UK where they have the opportunity to undertake undergraduate level research, explore Singapore and sample the local culture.

Through these connections, CSMS students embark on joint research, exchange visits and other various collaborations with students from these schools on subjects from machine learning and background radiation to biodiversity.

Research exchange visits

• Visit Singapore and work with students from the NJC.

• Complete an original academic research project with guidance from subject specialists.

• Experience a new culture by staying with a host family.

Science fairs and competitions

• Undertake original research in the UK, individually or as a team.

• Prepare academic posters and presentations.

• Travel to international competitions and compete against top students from around the world.

Singapore international maths challenge

• Compete in the most prestigious maths competition for pre-university students.

• Demonstrate creativity and mathematical skills in a mathematical modelling challenge.

• Take part in a cultural exchange, exploring and immersing yourself in Singaporean culture.

Other opportunities

Throughout the year there may be other international opportunities that are on offer. For example, over the last few years we have sent students to the Hwa Chong Science Fair or the Asian-Pacific Conference for Young Scientists.