Jools Talks Exoplanets With Dr Nathan Mayne

Jools is in Year 12 at Cornwall School of Maths and Sciences and as part of his Extended Project is working on the best way to identify exoplanets. This week he was given the opportunity to have a one-to-one tutorial with the Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Exeter, Dr Nathan Mayne.

Dr Mayne explored Jools’ project with him and used his years of experience to offer Jools advice and guidance. Jools has taken on board all the suggestions made and will be able to reference Dr Mayne in his Extended Project write up.

Dr Mayne is also the admissions tutor for Physics at the University of Exeter, and as part of the tutorial Jools gained a unique insight into the world of astrophysics at university and what he should include in his personal statement when he applies to UCAS.

We are delighted that we share this close relationship with Dr Mayne and hope that we can welcome him back to CSMS soon.

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Exoplanet Hunting With Dr Nathan Mayne

Friend of Cornwall School of Maths and Sciences, Dr Nathan Mayne, visited us again this Friday to give a lecture on how astrophysicists are hunting for exoplanets – exoplanets are planets which are outside of our own solar system. he lecture was well attended by CSMS students and members of the Scholars’ Community, a community for students in Years 7-11 in any school in Cornwall.

Dr Mayne discussed how the ‘weather’ on so-called Hot Jupiters can give us an insight into whether conditions are suitable for life.

Dr Mayne is an engaging and inspirational speaker and we are delighted that he gave up his time to come to talk to our students. We are certain that his infectious enthusiasm for his work will have inspired many of our students to find out more about astrophysics and may even encourage some to follow his footsteps and study physics at university.

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The Stirling Engine – The Future Of Energy Generation?

We were delighted to welcome Dr Adam Feldman, Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy, from the University of Exeter to Cornwall School of Maths and Sciences for the latest academic lecture. The lecture was well attended by CSMS students and members of the Scholars’ Community, a community for students in Years 7-11 in any school in Cornwall.

His talk was filled with practical demonstrations of thermodynamics and he explained how the Stirling Engine, a contemporary of the steam engine made redundant by the rise of the internal combustion engine, may be about to make a comeback.

Dr Feldman’s lecture was engaging and a number of the audience stayed behind to see a working model of the Stirling Engine up close.

We would like to thank Dr Feldman for his time and hope to see him again at CSMS.

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Final Future Medics Workshop Inspires CSMS Scholars

On Wednesday the final Future Medics Workshop for this year was led by the Exeter University Medical School at Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science.

34 Year 7-9 students in the Scholars’ Community from across Cornwall took part in the workshops, experiencing various practical and theory-based lessons covering medicine, dentistry and veterinary science. The first half of the session dealt with Basic Life Support (CPR) where the students were given the opportunity to work with Annie models. We were very impressed on how focused and passionate the students were, listening carefully to ensure their practice was correct and effective.

The second half of the workshop involved an interactive quiz covering topics from previous sessions, as well as general medicine questions. Caleb Owomoyela, a third year Medical student who helped to run the session said “Students have been very good, very attentive and picked up the information so quickly, they were able to practically apply everything we taught them which was really impressive.”

We are looking forward to continuing with the Future Medics workshops for the CSMS Scholars’ Community next year and are very grateful to the University of Exeter for their help.

The Cornwall Scholars’ Community is open to all students from Years 7-11 who have a keen interest in Maths and Science. There is an extensive programme of events and we also keep all the Scholars informed of upcoming opportunities in STEM.

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Second Maths Enrichment Seminar Hits The Right “Chord”

The second Y10-11 Maths Enrichment Seminar was a roaring success with a capacity attendance of students who are aiming for Grade 9 in their Maths GCSEs.

The workshop gives the students the chance to learn techniques and methods to help them with the most demanding questions in the GCSE specification. The seminar was run by Mr Gareth Rees, the Maths Lead at Nexus, who said: “It is a really valuable opportunity for those students who are serious about achieving the top grade. To get a Grade 9 you have to be confident is using complex mathematical techniques quickly and accurately to solve problems. We are teaching the students who come to these seminars to tackle problems in the most logical way possible. They are developing their problem solving skills and this will give them the advantage in their exams.”

Great Reaction to CSMS Scholars’ Chemistry Lecture

We were delighted to host Dr Jonathan Charmant from the Department of Chemistry at Bristol University at the Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science.

Dr Charmant outlined some of the amazing research into different areas of Chemistry which is going on at his university and gave the members of the CSMS Scholars’ Community in attendance an insight into what studying a degree like Chemistry will involve.

By the end of the lecture the students had a much clearer idea about how ‘real’ chemistry is different to the chemistry done in school, as well as some of the amazing opportunities open to them if they decide to pursue a career in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering.

We would like to thank Dr Charmant for coming all the way down to Cornwall to deliver this lecture.

Marine Biology Workshop for CSMS Scholars

We are delighted to be hosting an interactive Marine Biology workshop for students in Years 7 & 8 on Wednesday 2nd May  2018 at 3.45pm.

This workshop will focus on Cornish Sharks before moving on to the Great White and is a great opportunity to find out more about this exciting research area.

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CSMS Scholars Enjoy Engineering Lecture

CSMS was delighted to host Dr Joel Ross from the University of Bristol Engineering Department on Wednesday.

Dr Ross shared with the Scholar’s Community what studying engineering is like and how engineers are working to solve some of the important problems facing the world today. Dr Ross’ lecture was engaging and he amazed the students with his demonstrations.

We would like to thank Dr Ross for his time and for travelling all the way to see us.


CSMS Scholars coached to achieve highest grades in GCSE Mathematics

Yesterday evening a group of Year 10 and 11 students were supported in their quest for the top grades in their GCSEs. The aim of the seminar was to give those aiming for, and expecting to achieve the top grades in Mathematics an opportunity to work on the complex problems they will face during the summer exams.  The session involved a mixture of topics taken from across the curriculum and scholars were supported by teachers from CSMS and CSIA to ensure maximum progress was made towards a Grade 8 or 9. The next Mathematics session will be held on Wednesday 25th April at CSMS.


CSMS Launch Event Huge Success

Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science officially launched last night with an event attended by current and prospective students, academics, industry partners, local dignitaries and former students of Camborne Girls’ Grammar School, whose historic school building has been fully renovated and restored to its former glory, now the home of CSMS.

Dr Jo Foster, announcing the programme, emphasised the important role of STEM education today in meeting the growing demand for high-tech employees. Last year 2.4 million STEM job roles went unfilled, a number which is only forecast to increase.

At CSMS we passionately believe in giving students the opportunity to study their Science and Maths A Levels among other very able and committed students. Our programme will prepare them to take a leading role in the future of STEM in this country.

Students with the drive and ambition to apply for Oxbridge places are able to join our Oxbridge stream, where intensive entrance exam preparation sits alongside interview practice and an expanded curriculum to create an unrivalled offer.

We believe that the students who entrust their education to us are the future. We cannot wait to see how they shape it during their time with us.