CSMS Lecture – Chemical Engineering And Project Management

CSMS was delighted to host Christopher Rees to deliver a lecture to students and members of the Scholars’ Community about his life in the chemical engineering industry. His amazing career started with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College, London but took him to Singapore, Malaysia and beyond.

Chris explained all about his progression from working in factories and small scale projects to project managing multi-million pound offshore oil rig construction projects and working on the largest and most technologically advanced oil extraction facilities in the world.

Our students were very lucky to hear from such an industry expert and we have no doubt that some of them will have been inspired to consider this interesting and exciting career.

CSMS Team Sweep the board at the Rotary Club Technology Tournament

The team of VI Formers from CSMS swept the board today at the Rotary Club annual Technology Tournament. The tournament is held annually, and this year over 150 students aged 11-18 took part.

For the KS5 challenge, students had to design and make a space capsule launcher that could be launched 3m into the air and at 3m deploy a satellite and then descend back down to Earth on a parachute. The team from CSMS won both the Gold Portfolio Award, for the detailed planning and their design, and the Gold award for the Competition phase of the Tournament.

Well done to Jools, Taylor, Sophie and Erin.

Final STEP Preparations For Cambridge Mathematics Applicants

On Saturday, Mia F and Conor B-H spent the morning making final preparations for their STEP 2 and 3 exams this week; their teacher, Miss Teixeira, kindly gave up some of her free time to support these students in the closing stages of their Mathematical journey here at the Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science.

Both students have worked exceptionally hard over the last two years to become superb Mathematicians who have the passion, knowledge and drive to read Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. We are very proud of them both for being offered places at such prestigious Universities and wish them all them best in their upcoming exams.

CSIA students fly the flag for Cornwall and the UK at International Mathematics Competition

In May Phoebe H & Maya M were accompanied by Nexus’ Mr Rees & Miss Perry to the Singapore International Maths Challenge.

SIMC aims to provide students with the opportunity to be innovative, creative and to develop a global mindset in the pursuit of knowledge. The events puts some of the best young mathematicians in the world through their paces, while also offering exciting cultural opportunities and opportunities to make friends from all over the world.  The biennial event allows students to showcase and pit their skills in a rigorous competition in the application of mathematics. Both Camborne students embraced the challenge with determination and Mathematical skill.

The challenge this year was set by a group of top Mathematical lecturers; including Professor Imre Leader, Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Cambridge, and industry experts.

To try this year’s “City Life” themed questions visit www.nushigh.edu.sg/admission-n-outreach/outreach/singapore-international-mathematics-challenge


Phase Two Of Old Grammar School Renovations Begin

Phase 2 of the renovation of the Old Camborne Girls Grammar School began last week, with CSMS being awarded a community grant to replace the roof and to ensure the building is waterproof and fit for purpose as the new home of the Cornwall School of Maths and Science.

The work is expected to be completed in time for September 2018 with the final finishing touches turning the South wing of the building into a bright, modern and exciting environment for learning to match the already exceptional North wing.

The facilities being introduced will include some much needed classrooms, some areas dedicated to quiet working and a number of small group tutorial spaces. There will also be some flexible accommodation for our growing international programme and we are having fun imagining exciting new ways that we can utilise this incredible facility, from study nights to astronomy sleep overs for CSMS students.

We will keep updating our website with sneak previews as the work unfolds.

CSMS Summer Lecture – Book Your Place Now

The Cornwall School of Maths and Science’s exciting free Summer Lecture is to be held at the Nexus Campus on Friday 29th June 2018 at 3:45pm.

The Lecture is open to anyone in the Scholars’ Community and will centre on the theme of ‘Energy’.

If you are interested in watching some cool demonstrations and explosive reactions then email reception@csms.co.uk to book your place.

We are expecting very high demand, so make sure you book soon to secure your place!

Say Hi To CSMS At Royal Cornwall Show

The Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science will be exhibiting at all three days of the Royal Cornwall Show, so make sure you come and say hi!

We are looking forward to sharing our work with the Cornish public and will be delighted to answer any questions you have about the work we do, both for our A Level students and for members of the Scholars’ Community.

Jools Talks Exoplanets With Dr Nathan Mayne

Jools is in Year 12 at Cornwall School of Maths and Sciences and as part of his Extended Project is working on the best way to identify exoplanets. This week he was given the opportunity to have a one-to-one tutorial with the Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics at the University of Exeter, Dr Nathan Mayne.

Dr Mayne explored Jools’ project with him and used his years of experience to offer Jools advice and guidance. Jools has taken on board all the suggestions made and will be able to reference Dr Mayne in his Extended Project write up.

Dr Mayne is also the admissions tutor for Physics at the University of Exeter, and as part of the tutorial Jools gained a unique insight into the world of astrophysics at university and what he should include in his personal statement when he applies to UCAS.

We are delighted that we share this close relationship with Dr Mayne and hope that we can welcome him back to CSMS soon.

If you are interested in finding out more about studying at CSMS, or how you can benefit from the amazing opportunities here, please contact us for more information by emailing reception@csms.co.uk.

Exoplanet Hunting With Dr Nathan Mayne

Friend of Cornwall School of Maths and Sciences, Dr Nathan Mayne, visited us again this Friday to give a lecture on how astrophysicists are hunting for exoplanets – exoplanets are planets which are outside of our own solar system. he lecture was well attended by CSMS students and members of the Scholars’ Community, a community for students in Years 7-11 in any school in Cornwall.

Dr Mayne discussed how the ‘weather’ on so-called Hot Jupiters can give us an insight into whether conditions are suitable for life.

Dr Mayne is an engaging and inspirational speaker and we are delighted that he gave up his time to come to talk to our students. We are certain that his infectious enthusiasm for his work will have inspired many of our students to find out more about astrophysics and may even encourage some to follow his footsteps and study physics at university.

If you would like more information on how to join the CSMS Scholars’ Community please email reception@csms.co.uk

The Stirling Engine – The Future Of Energy Generation?

We were delighted to welcome Dr Adam Feldman, Senior Lecturer in Renewable Energy, from the University of Exeter to Cornwall School of Maths and Sciences for the latest academic lecture. The lecture was well attended by CSMS students and members of the Scholars’ Community, a community for students in Years 7-11 in any school in Cornwall.

His talk was filled with practical demonstrations of thermodynamics and he explained how the Stirling Engine, a contemporary of the steam engine made redundant by the rise of the internal combustion engine, may be about to make a comeback.

Dr Feldman’s lecture was engaging and a number of the audience stayed behind to see a working model of the Stirling Engine up close.

We would like to thank Dr Feldman for his time and hope to see him again at CSMS.

If you would like more information on how to join the CSMS Scholars’ Community please email reception@csms.co.uk