The Programme at CSMS allows you to work and thrive in a place where you are surrounded by other students and staff as interested in Maths and Science as you are.

Students attend a science workshop at Cornwall School of Maths and Science

If your A-Level choices include any combination of Maths, Further Maths, EPQ and Science, and you are an able student likely to achieve mainly 7’s, 8’s and 9’s at GCSE then CSMS is your natural choice for your VI Form studies.

When you join the programme at CSMS you will have the opportunity to study some of your Maths and Science lessons at CSMS and some at the VI Form Academy, depending on your option choices. This allows you to keep some breadth in your subject choices and be fully engaged in the life of a lively VI Form whilst having the very best opportunities available to expand your knowledge and understanding in your Maths and Science.

An unparalleled enrichment programme

Alongside your lessons, which are targeted at A and A* grades at A-Level, there is a rich co-curricular programme of lectures, seminars, workshops, additional tutoring and individualised support to assist you in achieving a place at your chosen top university.

Opportunities and social events

The CSIA VI Form is dedicated to supporting students become independent and arranges a variety of opportunities to support this aim. Over the past year, students have participated in PSHE days focusing on: learning,  health and well-being; International and local trips; Scholarships; Duke of Edinburgh; 10 Tors; theatre visits; higher education and apprenticeship conventions; sporting fixtures; and the Christmas and Summer Balls and a trip to Thorpe Park.


CSMS and The VI Form Academy recognise the value of independence in raising aspirations and outcomes for students and has a limited number of Scholarships available to support students with ambitious enrichment and academic plans. Because of this, students can apply for financial support to allow an exceptional challenge to take place. We award scholarships to help enable students take part in outstanding opportunities. As well as being life-enhancing experiences, these can to add to the quality of their CVs and personal statements. We’ve awarded scholarships for a huge variety of activities, from flying lessons to working with big game in South Africa.

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