Outreach for children and young people in Cornwall

Cornwall School of Maths and Science has an extensive outreach programme for children from Years 5-11 right here in the heart of Cornwall. Our Outreach Programme is very important to us. Evidence shows that children can begin to ‘turn off’ Maths and Science before they even reach Secondary School. Because of this, our Outreach Programme aims to engage children when they are still in Primary School.

Find your tribe

Many very able children feel isolated in their schools because they don’t know anyone ‘like them’; these young people benefit hugely from being part of a community of learners who love Science and Maths like they do. One of the parents of a child involved in the Programme said “It’s like he’s found his tribe!”  We have fun, we talk Maths and Science, and we help very able children to feel understood and supported. We believe this is a key part of our role in supporting STEM education in Cornwall.

Primary children take part in a Science workshop as part of the outreach programme

CSMS has its own car park, which is available for visitors. If you are travelling by public transport, it couldn’t be easier. Situated just 100m from Camborne Railway station, CSMS is directly accessible from most parts of Cornwall; 19 minutes from Penzance and just 15 minutes from Truro by train.

Our Outreach Programme provides:

Masterclasses and Enrichment for Primary pupils

Maths and Science Scholars community for Years 7-11

Maths Enhancement Seminars for Year 10 and 11 aiming for 8-9 at GCSE Maths

Lecture Series in Science and Maths for Years 10-13