The annual CSMS Singapore research exchange project is in full swing as the second leg of the projects start.

In September, Cornwall School of Maths and Science took 6 students to work collaboratively with students from the National Junior College in Singapore on scientific and mathematical research projects. 

The NJC students have now arrived in the UK for an intensive period of joint research to finish and present their projects.

The projects include designing and creating a mathematical model to predict evapotranspiration of plants in order to reduce water consumption and improve efficiency of water usage, studying possible applications of phytoremediation to decontaminate polluted water and soil, and an astrophysical analysis of possible targets for the James Webb telescope, contributing to the 2020 launch.

As the projects are nearing their completion the next step will be for the students to write up their research and prepare a presentation on their findings.

As well as conducting research projects the Singaporean students have been involved in homestay with their CSMS buddies, spending time learning about British culture and visiting local destinations.