CSMS were delighted to host a fascinating lecture on the importance of Mathematics in the field of Engineering this week. Professor Champneys visited from Bristol university’s faculty of Engineering Mathematics where he lectures on everything from engineering applications on aircraft and structural dynamics, power electronics and fluid-structure interaction.

The talk was based around the understanding of how complicated dynamics (e.g. chaos) in physical systems governed by ordinary or partial differential equations can be used to model some very interesting real-life engineering problems such as why does a tennis ball bounce so high when dropped touching a basketball?

Professor Champneys also spoke about the importance of mathematical modelling in industry and how he works with some of the world’s leading engineering and design companies on complex but crucial problems. Students learned of the simplistic starting points of mathematical modelling and the journey to mapping to the complex and unexpected turns of real life.

We hope that following on from this lecture CSMS will continue to foster strong relationships with the faculty and the exciting work they do.