Two students in Year 12 from Cornwall School of Mathematics and Science have taken part in a global Science event in Singapore along with other young people from around the world.

The ‘International Science Youth Forum’ was hosted by Hwa Chong Institution, with students from over 43 schools and 19 different countries welcomed for the 5-day event between the 13th and 17th January.

“It was such an incredible experience for our students from start to finish. The event brought together students and eminent scientists from around the world” commented Dr Nick Gower, Research Lead at CSMS, who accompanied the students on the trip. “Among the invited speakers were three Nobel Laureates, two Fields Medalists and a host of leading industrialists and entrepreneurs!”

The theme of the event, “Evolving Aspirations: divergent pathways, convergent future” was discussed in panel sessions with leading scientists from a range of disciplines. These were accompanied by workshop sessions led by the likes of Sir Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics and Professor Ada Yonath, winner of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

“It was amazing to hear these famous scientists talk about their research and their careers,” said Rhiannon Vipond, a Year 12 student at CSMS. “It’s really inspiring to be able to discuss modern challenges in science and society with people who have already made big discoveries”.

Another key element of the event was the “Future of Transport Challenge” in which teams of students had to construct a vehicle out of recycled materials that was capable of carrying a heavy load.

“The challenge was really hard,” said Emma James, a Year 12 student in the VI Form Academy. “Our team’s vehicle didn’t really work but it was fun trying to put it together and solve the problems with it”.

“It’s been a really exciting week for the students and a great opportunity to witness world-class science” said Dr Gower. “It is a pretty unique opportunity for students to engage with so many distinguished scientists at a single event; I know this week will stay with our students for years to come”.

Either side of the science fair, the team were able to explore Singapore and the surrounding countryside, as well as sampling some of the amazing and diverse cuisine for which Singapore has become famous. Rhiannon said, “I’ve really loved the cultural diversity of Singapore and being able to meet so many different people. I definitely want to come back!”

“We are thrilled that our students enjoyed their incredible experience. Collaborative learning engages our students, furthers their knowledge, improves global awareness and taps into the power of combined talents across the world. It’s all about encouraging our students to see things from different perspectives and to acquire lifelong transferable skills” added Principal at CSIA, Mr Ian Kenworthy.