The CSMS Community Portal

We’ve created a unique online space ahead of your studies in September; a space where you can share ideas, get a taste of the curriculum and meet your fellow classmates! You’ll also be able to apply for bursary support, scholarships and complete your induction forms through the portal.

You will need to create an account by registering before you can access the portal. Please click the link below, enter your details and then click ‘Register’ to get started.

Please note, in order to protect the portal, your account will need to be verified by a member of staff before you’ll be given access. You will be sent a confirmation email when your account is live.

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For help and guidance on how to create accounts and use the portal, please click the link below.

The Portal Explained


Transition Packs

There are Transition Packs for every subject on the portal, all designed to help you get ready for September. Packed with useful information and fun academic challenges, they’re tailor made to help you start to make those steps from GCSEs to A-Level studies.

Remember, baseline assessments will be based on the knowledge you will gain from these packs. They should be completed and handed in at the start of next term.


The Forums

Worried about not knowing anyone when you start in September? Our forums are safe, online communities where you can get to know each other and build relationships before you join us! Why not swap tips on the Transition Packs or start a conversation with your classmates?


Support & Guidance

We understand that these are uncertain times, but we’re here to provide as much support and guidance as possible. Through the portal, you can contact us directly with any questions and converse with your subject leads as much as you need.


Subject Challenges

Remember to keep checking the portal for regular subject challenges! Will you come out at the top of our leaderboard?


Create Your Accounts

If you are also studying subjects at The VI Form Academy, please make sure you sign up to The VI Form Academy’s online portal as well, as there will be Transition Packs and other materials you will need ahead of your studies in September.

You can register for both portals using the relevant buttons below. If you have any issues with creating your accounts, please get in touch with us.

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