Cornwall School of Maths and Science (CSMS) is a part of the VI Form Academy at Camborne Science and International Academy, which is the top state-funded Post-16 STEM provider in Cornwall (Future Finders Stem Schools).

At CSMS we believe in a traditional approach to teaching and learning. Brilliant specialist teachers and attentive, ambitious learners come together to achieve exceptional results.

But we also believe in the modern, the cutting edge and the innovative.

At CSMS, visiting academics provide an intensive programme of lectures and seminars showcasing their current research and stretching and challenging CSMS students to think way beyond the curriculum. These experiences inspire and prepare the students for life at University, and provide a unique opportunity for incisive and creative thought.

But the enrichment at CSMS goes way beyond the lecture and mentoring programme. Students are individually mentored to ensure they engage with every opportunity to build and develop their experiences beyond the curriculum in their area of interest. From support to apply for a Nuffield Placement to practice for Cambridge interviews; CSMS staff are there for you every step of the way.

Cornwall School of Maths and Science

What the students say:

“The programme has allowed me to explore many opportunities that I never considered would be available to me at this stage. The Oxbridge-style mentoring in particular has been very beneficial; I am able to link the knowledge from my A-Level studies to current scientific research and to develop my own ideas alongside an academic in my field of interest”.

Jodie, Y13

“I’ve been provided with an incredible range of opportunities that have been personally tailored towards my aspiration to study Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. One of the highlights of this year was the one-to-one tutorial with Professor Imre Leader, a Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge. I was stretched way above the Maths and Further Maths A-level curriculum and encouraged to think independently about the subject; brilliant preparation for my Cambridge interview.”

Mia, Y13